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Everything ready! Find me at Fringe Market F07! 💗💗💗 #hyperjapan #lapetitefille
One Madame Rococo skirt will be for sell at our stall in Hyper Japan Fringe Market F07, come and take it home ♡

♡ We are coming to Hyper Japan’s fringe market this weekend 25-27th July!

Our stall will be at F07 in the Fringe market area so come and find us!

Many new accessories and all clothing will be there too and a little surprise to be announced tomorrow~

Also our shop will be temporary closed and all stock will be set as sold out during the event time and will re-open on the 28th, thank you!

For more info please follow our Facebook page too: www.facebook.com/lovelapetitefille

MA Soundtrack ♔ Ceremony by New Order

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- “Ophelia” // Voodica Photography -

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Model and Blogger Nikia Phoenix for CurlDuchess/KisforKinky

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If you are not familiar with his work, please check it out! The ever so talented Felix Treadwell! Check out his amazing music as well! Shinamo moki ^_^


Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola)

The Athenaeum - Portrait of Madame Baudouin, Details.

by Francois Boucher, (1703-1770)

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